We are surrounded by obscure shadows and shaded images in the journey we call life.  There are many opportunities to dwell in a place of clouded understanding, especially in regards to the vastness of God.

Man has always stumbled at the realization that there is a bigger picture and a greater plan.  We develop an innate response to circumstances that is limited by our own experiences and the frailty of our earthly wisdom.  Without the quickening power of the Spirit of God, we are destined to an imprisoned mind wrought with bars of an unregenerated intellect, will and emotions.  Paul asked the question in Romans 7 – “Who will deliver me from this body of death?”  We may become trapped in the dead, temporal issues of mankind and attempt to overcome their apparent futility with earthly elements that cannot compare with the glorious grace of God.

Attempting to reach beyond the mist of our own mind by asserting human strength or resolve is like trying to dissipate a foggy morning by expelling the breath of our lungs.  We do not contain within us the ability to take ourselves beyond ourselves.  We are stuck in the mindsets, reference points and answers of a limited being.

Thanks be to God that He has done that which we could not do.  The clarity of reality only comes from Him.  We can rest as we journey from human understanding into divine revelation without measuring, qualifying or challenging His methods and His purposes.  The labor to enter into His rest is not an energy exerted from our own understanding or even our own strength.  Hebrews 4:10, 11 describes the cessation of our own works in order to participate in the surrendered movement of His life flowing through our life and creating what we could never even imagine.  It is with prompt, earnest diligence that we focus our mind and attention on the rest-filled work of the Creator.  His work is completed and the fulfillment of His eternal purpose has already been accomplished for eternity.  Our attempts to fully comprehend and integrate into what has not yet been manifest are filled with frustration and disappointment.  He who began the work is faithful to complete it.

The light of the knowledge of the love of God crashes through the streaks and blotches of shadowed reality and shines gloriously upon each necessary insight.  We are not doomed to a life of sorrowful questioning and frantic searching.  As we are launched by the love of God into what we have never known, but have always longed for, we find that His truth is veiled only by our human illusion.  What would we see and know if our hearts were unfettered by our earthly expectation?  And yet, if we turn our face away from the divine vision of love, we fumble to unchain the bondages we seem to see.  Our earthly eyes strain to navigate through the darkness, but the Spirit of God casts the light of freedom to the upturned gaze, breaking even the chains we have yet to discover.  Oh, to rest in the shining life of the love of God.  This is life eternal and the only way to walk beyond the shadows.