Living in a world consumed with the desire for “more”, it is difficult to imagine that being needy would ever be a “good” thing.  And yet, isn’t that the way it is in the Kingdom of God?  There are so many paradoxes that are not explainable for human understanding, but are grasped alone by the revelation of the Spirit of God.

Being in a place of need means that I have not been sufficient to supply for myself.  Being in a place of need means that I am unable to be my own provision.  What has brought me to the point of need isn’t as relevant as the fact that neediness brings me out of balance with self-reliance and self-sufficiency.  I find myself falling out of my own controlling thoughts and actions into the arms of the ever faithful, never failing God who holds within His hands all that I have ever needed and will ever need.

The blessing for those who need comes when we are driven by our inabilities and inadequacies to fall at the feet of the only Saviour, only Deliverer, only Provider and only Redeemer.  I can always walk in the way of blessedness as I walk in the truth of my ever-present need for the continued invasion of the Divine in the midst of my inherent humanity.  Blessed are the ones who need and are willing to forego fleeting promises of temporary provision that they may live in utter dependence on God Almighty.  Our neediness is only a blessing when we see it as a catalyst which once again brings us to the foot of the cross.