Recently, I was betrayed by a friend when the actions that I had taken were misinterpreted to mean something other than my heart attitude.  The whole story was not known and therefore word pictures were painted based on an incomplete understanding of the truth.  My heart was dismayed and I started to respond with sorrow, pulling away from the friendship I had believed was solidly founded on the love of God and His character.  As I began to turn aside, I realized it was a trick.

The only power Satan has lies in deception.  If he can throw up disguised flares of opportunity and distract us from our gaze on Jesus’ face, he has fulfilled his purpose.  His deceptive tactics go beyond our human reasoning so that we often find ourselves reacting intently to circumstances which hold no threat at all.  Since our life is hid with Christ in God, we have no need to scuttle hurriedly about as we try to escape the reflections of the storm that rages outside.

I have been bound, many times, in the shackles of distraction as I have found my mind consumed with the things that need no second glance.  Does my friend still love the Saviour?  Yes, that truth still remains.  But the focus on my friend’s inconsistency in one area can lead me into a full-fledged drama as the fingers of Satan cast shadow puppets on the wall.  Imagination provides a colorful backdrop which soon envelopes the room of my day with deep, dark whispers of “what ifs” and “I wonder whys”.  The soundtrack is written with my questioning comments to myself and others as I try to trace the origin and intent of each movement.

The main event, however, continues on.  My life, chosen by God to accomplish His divine purpose, is charted for a destiny which is indestructible by any force as long as I maintain the course set before me.  These distractions, usually in the form of human error, are simple ploys that can all too quickly become complicated, irrational and full of confusion.  They quickly divert the forward motion of life into a downward spiral of suspicion and mistrust. 

So I turned on the light, just as the shadows began dancing in the wings of my mind – oh, how quickly the Light of Christ dispels all that is not truth!  I found no need to berate my friend or even press for explanation.  There was no reason to look any longer at the actions as a threat or personal afront.  My journey had not been altered.  My destination was not abandoned.  I am still living the adventure of discovering His truth and following His love.  My pursuit of God’s best takes me to the place where I am once again lost in the glory of His gaze as His arms enfold and surround all those who turn aside from the shadow puppets dancing on the wall.