Is it enough that we know hearts are wounded?

Is it enough that we see pain and grief?

Is it enough that we talk about loving?

Is it enough that we long for relief?

Is it enough to proclaim we trust Jesus?

Is it enough to declare He is Lord?

Is it enough to smile politely?

Is it enough to just pray in our homes?

Is it enough to read books that inspire?

Is it enough that our Bible is near?

Is it enough to be faithful to church times?

Is it enough that we don’t express fear?

Christ came to earth to bring all of God’s fullness

Poured into those who accept His embrace

He is enough to bring healing and power

Will we allow His enough to take place?

He is enough when we give up our schedule

He is enough when we speak what He says

He is enough when our lives are surrendered

He is enough when we see our flesh dead

He is enough when love is the message

He is enough when self is condemned

He is enough as His life flows through us

He is enough when we see through Him

He is enough and He is so willing

That no one should perish and none should be lost

It is enough when our own will is broken

It is enough when we live at the cross