In the course of life, we often learn and discover truths that impact us greatly at the point of initial contact.  That “ah-ha” moment often fades, though,  as new revelation and understanding invades our lives and plunges us to even deeper insights into God’s heart. 

Recently, a series of events involving long-time friends from various parts of my past has led me to revisit the faded, yet still true, revelation of the love of God.  Even writing it, I recognize the immediate inclination to respond with “Oh yea.  The love of God.”  A recognition of the existence, but not seeing it as remarkable enough for a second glance.  Well, I looked a second time and now find myself exploring it with such fervor that I hope I never drop my gaze. 

The rediscovery of what seems to be a basic and universal truth understood by all who believe in God has actually made me aware of how complicated we have made things.  The implication of Jesus’ words regarding our approach to Him and His kingdom and the necessity to do so as a child in Mark 10:15 has somehow escaped me in the past.  Now I am coming to realize that in our great human folly, we have built and manufactured so many ideas that preclude us from the real intimacy that is the longing of God’s heart.

Consequently, we have tried to express the love of God in child-related terms such as “climbing into the Father’s lap”, “the loving correction of God” and other such descriptions.  Expression, though, is no substitute for experience.  We can try to express what we think it looks like to love God and walk in His love, but trying to express what we are unwilling to experience brings no lasting result. 

I’m not sure exactly what tipped me over the edge into the rediscovery of the Love of God.  Perhaps it was the simplicity in the midst of a world and church demanding an acceleration on all levels – proficiency, revelation, knowledge, etc.  It was definitely more than just a seeking for more understanding or theology.  I long to experience the love of God outside of the tainting influence of man’s theories and ideas. 

The journey of rediscovery has led me to consider the way that God’s love is interwoven into every aspect of His character and every intent and purpose of His heart.  The biggest “ah-ha” in this journey was the recognition of where the reflection of God’s character and heart is to be manifest on this earth.  Is it not in the body of Christ – the living, breathing, exhibit of everything which God would reveal to a lost and dying world? 

And yet, here we are.  Filled with so many reasons for so many things that are immaterial to the one thing that brings us to Christ and holds us there.  The Love of God.  We can express it, but dare we experience it?